Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Be obscure clearly

Be obscure clearly.  ~E.B. White

The other day in my writing group- someone said "I have no time to blog" to create this buzz about your work that eventually turns into your own rantings and has nothing to do with creating a buzz. In fact sometimes I think this blog is doing more harm than good- I mean  is reading this really going to create any hype for my novel "Goa Traffic" mmmm I don't know. Will people read it and find me endearing and think yes I'll buy a copy because I like her ideas. Or really would they read it and think I am staying well away- she doesn't know basic grammar even! 

If anyone knows the answer to this please say- I suppose having a blog is a bit like being on big brother- you start off with good intentions trying to portray what you perceive as the best part of your personality and soon you forget that the cameras are here (or the audience in the case of blogging) and just carry on with your own thing. 

If you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that not all authors have something to say all the time- maybe if you are not a budding author you may think that they should have something interesting to say always - or their books wont be interesting. I am not like that - I like to think that I save the interesting stuff for my books! 

I admit I struggle to find the time to blog... but sometimes I just dont know what to blog! a shameful admission but I am sure most bloggers (without the gift of the gab) will agree with me. And if you dont have anything worthwhile to say - maybe you just shouldn't say anything at all!!On that note thats it for today. 

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