Poison in The Water

Poison in the Water is a romantic suspense novel that will be published by the fabulous So Vain Books.

Career-driven fashion designer Celeste Broady meets the man of her dreams while travelling in Thailand.  Alex seems to have it all; the charm, the charisma and the wealth.  After a whirlwind wedding, they move to Hong Kong and soon become the most glamourous power couple amongst the glitterati of the City.  Celeste is living her dream.
But the higher you climb, the further you have to fall.  With Alex's career blossoming, he's increasingly away from home.  When his hedonistic and and philandering best friend Bill arrives, bringing with him a yacht and a decadaent lifestyle, Celeste is forced to compete for her husband's attention.
Her confidence in her fairytale marriage soon begins to fade, and when she stumbles over a dark secret, she realises she is in too deep and there is only one way out.

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More details on my website: www.marissadeluna.com

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