Thursday, 10 March 2016

Looking for Inspiration?

Looking for inspiration

So I have started reading the Guardian and whilst I was on there the other day, I was struck by how many news stories or ‘opinion’ articles out there that would make great starting points/ideas for short stories or novels. I always find that as I start completing one novel, ideas for new books come at me from nowhere. Especially when I am driving or in the bath – my two inspirational sources. At the moment I have so many ideas for Chupplejeep I think I’ll have material for another five books in the series. I’ve started Jackpot Jetty (book 3) already!

So what inspired me this week on the Guardian website? Firstly there was an article on a group of friends that discovered a decomposing body at the end of a garden when they rented a place in Paris on Air B and B. Now this is a story begging to be written! Chupplejeep would certainly be interested and you may well see an element of this idea in one of my Chupplejeep books!

Then there was a letter from ‘The Other Woman’ and yes this has been done to death trillions of times, but the emotion and observation from the mistresses point of view was really inspirational – to me in any event.

The Kesha story, blind date stories and even the reader question: Which flowers can I plant on a damp grave? In the Ask Alys lifestyle section got my mind thinking.

So if you are looking for some writing inspiration, get onto a news website and get those creative juices flowing!