Thursday, 28 July 2011

Show dont tell!

Show don't tell - pretty much most writers!

So I have been painstakingly editing the last few chapters- Yes readers I got pretty far the other day but now I have stalled I am pretty much re-writing chapters so they are more fluid. Today over three hours I have edited just one chapter- And this is not even a full edit! Its like the pre-first draft edit. I was happy with it but now my eyes weary I am not. I feel that it is a lot of telling and not much showing. Maybe thats what I'll concentrate on in my next edit - i tell myself- after all this is just sorting out the bones of the work. It has reached 64000 words and I am three chapters away from the end - I may well reach 69000 to the end. I should then add at least another 20,000 to it- the meat to the bones- I am sorry if I am repeating myself but i am tired and trying to see the end of the tunnel. 

The good news is I dont need glasses. I went for an eye test today given all that time I have been glued to a computer- at work and at home- Its not good. 

I have more to say on show dont tell but forgive me I am tired- but instead of relaxing and giving my eyes a break I am going to watch a movie! glutton for punishment! 

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