Thursday, 22 May 2014

Time to bite the bullet

Anyone who reads this blog will know that my punctuation is terrible. This has to change. Gone are the days of me justifying that this was fine so long because it was all about the storytelling. If people can't make sense of what you are trying to say because your punctuation is screwed you are never going to be able to tell a good story. 

I say this after an 8 person critique of one of my forthcoming novels. I tell you it was an eye opener. two glasses of wine just about took the edge of as I accepted constructive criticism about my novel. After sitting on the information for days I eventually opened my mind to the comments and when i started editing my manuscript I saw things in a new light. This is a definite must do - if you are part of a writing group. No one critiques as hardly as other writers! except for agents that is. 

Admittedly, the general consensus (after they berated me about my atrocious punctuation!) was that the story was good. The main bits I worried about such as characterisation and writing dialogue got a thumbs up but the punctuation got a big thumbs down. I need to get this sorted. So it's time to bite the bullet and start that punctuation course. I am going to sign up over the weekend and start Monday. 

I have been super lame at blogging recently but I have been busy. For starters I have been creating character profiles for my Chupplejeep series. That in itself has been arduous. I am trying to be an organised writer though and by putting all the settings, locations and characters on easy to read excel documents I am hoping this will save time later when I am writing the series and need consistency. I  have a terrible memory. 

I have also been working on Under the Coconut Tree - book 1 in the series and Poison in the Water. Poison is currently with my sister for comment. She is taking her time with it but her deadline is approaching. Fingers crossed she likes the story. She is another vicious critic! 

June means finalising Poison in the water to show to my publishers too so along with learning how to punctuate its going to be a busy month! Watch this space.