Monday, 7 January 2019

Writers aren’t people exactly. Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.

“Writers aren’t people exactly. Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.” - F Scott Fitzgerald

So about a year or so ago I gave up on this blog. After becoming a mum I didn't think that this blog was 'me' anymore. I wanted a place where I could not only express my writing but life as a new mum as well and so I started a new blog to do just that . It was called Writing and Weetabix - reasons for the name explained on the blog itself, but Weetabix was basically my life back then - mainly cleaning it off the high chair. The blog started well but quickly fizzled out and now my son is nearly two I feel like the 'old writer me' is back. Well it's a good job I didn't delete this blog entirely (probably because I didn't know how). 

So what have I been doing in this two year interlude? Well you can have a look at some of my posts on Writing and Weetabix, but in a nutshell I've been bringing up a small person, working on the third Chupplejeep book (Jackpot Jetty) - which I have just published (Hurrah! you can buy it here - yes that was a sneaky book plug but you can't blame me) and I have an idea for a new series. Another cosy crime series set in Devon with a young Indian Miss Marple type sleuth. That's all I can say for now but I am super excited about it. 

Along with the above we have taken on a massive renovation project and will shortly be moving I decided to take a break from writing. It's great in one sense as with returning to work  part time (three days) means I can concentrate on making sweet potato chips and healthy meals for N (said son) and look longingly at my mood boards deciding which fabrics match (I have zero idea about home furnishing and actually quite dislike it). As fun as this is, I am clearly itching to write... hence the return to my trusty old blog. 

The fourth book in the Chupplejeep series isn't going to write itself ( Murder in the Monsoon is the working title and I already have the plot written!) and the first in my new Shilpa Solanki Series (Sweet Murder is the working title) is not going to write itself either. The good news is that in the new house we will have a study! I can't wait after having to give up my study to make way for N's arrival. 

I'm hoping to take this year to do a bit more marketing and promoting of my books. I haven't done any in ages and feel like I have really lost touch with it all (so easy to lose touch when technology and social media is moving at a million miles per hour). I want to read and re-read some books on improving my writing and perhaps do a course on polishing and editing (my punctuation still sucks!). 

So that's the plan for this year and I will let you know how I get on with my new endeavours. I'm also hoping to look at the traditional route of publishing again with my new series. The publishing world has also moved (with the big players having imprints to focus on ebook and audible like Hatchette's Bookouture) on since the last time I looked at this route. 

So that's it. I'm back. I can't guarantee regular posts, not with all that is going on but I am here!  

Ooooh and I have been doing lots of reading. You can find me on Goodreads to see just what books I have been reading. At the moment I am reading The Maid's Room by Fiona Mitchell and loving it!