Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master - Ernest Hemmingway

I thought it was about time that I put a blog post up - it has been a while, hasn't it. But I haven't just been watching Netflix - well I have watched quite a bit, but that's not it. I have been busy putting the final touches on the long awaited follow up to Under the Coconut Tree, The Body in the Bath. I am sure you are all eagerly awaiting to find out whether Chupplejeep will make it to Kerala and whether he will propose to Christabel. I have to admit in writing The Body in the Bath Christabel has really worked as a character for me. I would go as far as saying she is my favourite character. I love writing about her and what goes on in her mind - her ideals of marriage and a happy family, her difficult and condescending mother and her reluctant and commitment phone boyfriend. She really does put a smile on my face. 

Another great character in The Body in the Bath is Advani - a flamboyant artist with a secret to hide. Well, everyone in The Body in the Bath seems to be hiding secrets. And then of course there is my beloved Pankaj - Chupplejeep's sidekick and hopeless romantic. We last saw him pursuing (well trying to pursue) his love interest Shwettika. Will he pick up the courage to ask her out? Spoiler alert  - he does! But I won't tell you what happens on their date... 

The book is still with my editor, but I'm hoping it will be out (in Kindle at least) by the end of the year. Hurrah! finally. I don't generally like publishing more than one book a year and Poison in the Water was out in May, but this year I will make an exception - then  there may be a lull before the next one is out. 

And what of the next one? Well there is definitely another Chupplejeep on the way. I know I previously said that the last first draft I wrote was in 2013 - well as you know (if you're a regular reader) I have started writing two other books - A Chupplejeep Mystery called Jackpot Jetty - I have some fantastic ideas for the front cover and  another thriller - that seems to be more challenging to write - It's currently called Splinter - which on reflection is a terrible name so I need to change it. Drowning in Secrets is a contender - but it needs more work. I am struggling with the book as much as I am struggling with the name. Jackpot Jetty on the other hand is coming together nicely. But I have stopped myself from writing anymore on the book - I need a breather from Chupplejeep or they will all sound the same - I need time to come up with some fresh ideas for the characters and me me that involves mulling them over. 

So that's about it - I'm hoping to do an author interview for  The Body in the Bath so watch this space I'll certainly post it here. 

In the meantime I will carry on reading. I seem to be reading more than I am writing at the moment.  I recently read The Lake House by Kate Moreton  and Sleep tight by Rachel Abbot and I have just finished The Widow by Fiona Barton (the next Girl on the Train they said - but I can't say that it was) Nevertheless they have all been good reads. The current book I'm reading is Addition by Toni Jordan. Not something I would normally pick up, but I am glad I did. It was a choice for a work book club I have started and although the internal monologue grated on me at first, I am now thoroughly enjoying it.