Friday, 22 July 2011

Learn as much by writing as by reading.

Learn as much by writing as by reading. Lord Acton 

Its tough isnt it - marketing your novel once it has been published - Yes I know I have said this countless times before. It can sometime be disheartening but rewarding as well. That's life - Today I had someone from author house contact me with his selling voice on asking me to purchase a bit of marketing. 'You have to spend at least triple on marketing your book, than what you actually paid for the book.' 
'Mmmm I dont think so, not right now, maybe in a couple of months I say.' 
'Oh so your book is not important to you then?' he asks in the sweetest of tones. 
'It's important. It is not a priority.' I say flatly. 
He is still not convinced- he tries any array of persuasions to get a package. 'I', not trying to make you spend your money.' He says 'I am your marketing consultant. How will you give people the choice to buy your book if you dont know it's even out there.' 
'Yeah I wont I say' nonchalantly - I bet this is annoying him. 'I want to know what my royalties are in September before I start any full scale marketing.' - He is still not convinced.
'Whats you budget?' he asks
'I dont have one because I havent thought about it yet.'
He eventually gives up with the assurance that I will call him as soon as I decide I want to take up his offer. 
So I do look at the website the marketing materials on offer. This is a couple of packages that they offer: 
A review in the Guardian "£999" - what if they slate your book? you have paid a grand for the pleasure 
maybe an advert would be better at £999 in the guardian - I get the feeling that the guardian is not so hot if you can pay for a review.

An inflight 'global magazine' add £10,999 are they serious? 
Readers Digest full page add £46,000 mmmm makes the inflight magazine add seem like a bargain! 
Google and amazon search programme £60 much more reasonable - but if you type Goa traffic into Google my book generally comes up - so not needed methinks
Hollywood screenplay £9999- really? you are going to make your book into a screenplay and try that?! 

I can see that they want to make money and this must be a good earner for them- especially if you are in a bubble of your own. Who knows- who am I to say It may actually work. But as this marketing genius said to em on the phone today. Even with all the marketing as a novelist 'you aint gonna make millions!' 

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