Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Most writers can write books faster...

Most writers can write books faster than publishers can write checks.
Richard Curtis

So imagine this – you walk into work and they tell you with not all that much notice that your job role has become redundant. Mmm it takes a few seconds to sink in that you have actually been made redundant. You don’t know what to do- you have just bought a house and the mortgage is a little more than it should be – but you stretched yourself because work was going fine, you had been in the job for years.

Lee child (author- just in case you didn’t know) had a similar situation happen to him – what did he do? He started writing- the fact that he is probably a millionaire now from his good fortune of being made redundant is a good thing- of course it is. He was lucky enough to know how to write, want to write, have the time to write and find a publisher.

I would like to say it was easier in those days to find a publisher but really was it? People always say in our day it was harder or visa versa! Who really can be the judge of that- it may have been easier back in the day but then maybe they had to do all their own washing (as in no washing machines) or some other such thing.

Anyway so maybe things happen for a reason – you hear hundreds of these inspiring redundancy stories- especially in a time when we are all in the ‘credit crunch!’ – redundancy is not a lucky break but if it does happen you can perhaps follow your dream instead?! But what if you don’t have the time to do that- what if you need money for the mortgage or you have just found out that your girlfriend is pregnant. Mmmm makes you think.

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