Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world...

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.  ~Richard Bach

I have not written on this blog for quite a while I have been consumed with other things- namely a wedding and honeymoon- I have been in a bubble and it has been perfect - going back to work has somewhat burst my little cocoon. The butterfly quote is for weddings sake. My theme was butterflies and each table name had a butterfly quote- associated with love - yada, yada. Anyway this is not a wedding blog and I wont bore you to tears with details of an event you have no interest in. 

I wrote on this blog so long ago I cant remember what I said, but things have progressed. Just a couple of weeks before the big day- it arrived- my book! my novel, my first piece of work... in print for everyone to buy. It looked good, I was happy with the larger size. I was slightly dissapointed by the paper- it is like normal paper- not novel paper - I don't know what thats called- so its a bit thinner but I suppose that is what you get with print on demand. I instantaneously googled it- How vain! I know but I couldn't help it- and I googled the ISBN number as well - just to see where it was available (the publishing house didn't really provide a list of where it was available) 

I was pretty impressed, Amazon, Waterstones, WH smith, Barnes and Noble- It is available on-line for a mere £10.99 or £7.99 on authorhouse. 

But with the wedding approaching I sat on it- thinking I will put my energies into promoting it once the honeymoon is out of the way. That time I suppose is now and yet those pesky doubts creep in again... My writing has changed since joining the writing group- it has definitely improved - My first book now seems like just a rehearsal-I have started the second but it has thought me more than I can ever imagine and I keep telling myself that if I hadn't published it, it would be just another manuscript sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe  gathering dust. 

I have no doubt some people will read it and think I have no talent at all - but If one person reads it and likes it then maybe it was worth it - after all as I keep saying - it is all so subjective!!! and after all it has been done- so next time readers you will know the title and the author and maybe, maybe you may just buy a copy!!!