Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Artistic honesty sometimes...

Artistic honesty sometimes prevents an artist from being born.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

So the marketing email that I sent around (for Goa Traffic) is doing really well- blog traffic is on the up. If you got that email- please forward it on to absolutely everyone you know, it will hopefully realise a few more sales and pique some interest if not in Goa Traffic, than in my second novel ‘The Book Club.’

If anyone out there has any other marketing tips- It would be good t hear about them. I have another couple of ideas to play with but I am staggering. For now I am concentrating on book 2.  

Currently I am trying to do some research on all sorts of things for my new book. Hypnosis (my writing group suggested I went for some to get an idea of what its like?! Maybe), IVF, abortions, a tablet that will aid memory loss, drowsiness as well and an alternative to Rohypnol. There is still a lot to do research wise. I think this is where I falter and it is so important to pay attention to detail with a novel. It’s the little things that count, that make it seam real (after all that is one of the main tasks of a novelist ) and it is also what critics will pick up on.

It is very important to pay attention to detail. When the words are flying through your mind quicker than you can write them down. Attention to detail is the last thing you want to get involved with. Stopping for two minutes to pick a name for a restaurant you have added to your story can be hard enough. I am going to leave my attention to detail to my third draft! So December time then…. I somehow don’t think this novel is going to be ready for next spring.

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