Friday, 11 November 2011

My eyes hurt

My eyes hurt and its not a quote!!! They do- I have spent the evening editing - only 20 pages by my reckoning but it has taken time!!!!! The Bittersweet Vine is coming along nicely but I really need to go back (on edit number 2) and do more showing less telling- but remember there has to be a balance you cant have all showing and no telling!

So I have about 40 pages left to edit- Can I do it in three weeks? Lets see that is my target... I need to get it done its my target.

I have to say that Aravind Adiga is amazing!!!!! Last Man in Tower is brilliant - I love his work- He is inspiring me to write a detective series set in Goa. You have got to admit it- India is a fascinating place there is lots to write about. You may have noticed as well that my grammar is terrible STILL... I know need to get back to reading my grammar book.

I feel it in my bones though... The Bittersweet Vine is going to make it!!!!!!!

If you havent read Goa Traffic - pick up a copy now- available on pretty much most on-line retailers!!!! go on....

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