Thursday, 24 November 2011

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing...

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.  ~Hannah Arendt
Kindle formatting = nightmare. Really it is. I know you read about this everywhere but its true. After realising HTML was not my friend and not knowing how to add code and save it to a notepad document (dont ask) I tried the traditional word method. Below I will detail an idiots guide to uploading a kindle book. I wont go into the finer points just the basics to get you on the path to sanity.
1) yes Kindle will automatically indent each first line of each paragraph for you- if you like it keep it (but generally take out the line inbetween paragraphs then)
2)To get rid of indentation- in the paragraph settings of word type 1 px for formatting paragraphs- first line only- apparently kindle picks up 0 as something or the otehr so 1 px is just right- too small for a kindle reader to notice - you will have eliminated the indent
3) make sure there are only two hard returns at any gfiven point (thats the enter bar that gives you a new paragraph)
4) dont justify things from the main buttons up top- instead highlight entire text (ctrl A) and then make sure all your text is normal- Times roman and 12. Only use fonts up to 14- do not use fancy ones
5) Use the backward P button on microsoft to reveal the formatting marks. Check for consistant hard returns and spaces between words
6)upload to mobi pocket and preview on the free kindle previewer. Check for errors
7) My remaining issue is that some lines are ragged. Kindle will justify all your text but some lines remain ragged. I dont know how or what can be done- I have googled it and scored everything but no! so I am going to have to live with it
8) the cover - the image uploaded on mobi-pocket must be 600x800 pixels - although Mobi pocket sometimes says the image is too small it still uploads- go figure. I havent overcome that yet.
9) If it all still isnt working - strip all your formatting copy entire text into a notebook page and then copy that back into a clean word document. Hey presto- no bold, no italics - but thats life you will need to add all of that back in- I tried this and still didnt get rid of my ragged lines!!!

Anyway Goa Traffic has been a huge learning curve for me on kindle now as well!!!!!! I will let you know how I go- If I manage to upload it and charge as little as possible for it as well. My deadline is the 1st December ---- wish me luck

A brilliant blog I came across was CJ's easy as pie on blogspot- oddly I couldnt leave a message to thank him but I have started following him. If you are struggling with your kindle formatting check out his blogspot-

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