Friday, 25 November 2011

Publication - is the auction of the Mind of Man.

Publication - is the auction of the Mind of Man.  ~Emily Dickinson
So I read the other day to be a good novelist you should awlays write said after speech. i.e Sonya said as opposed to Sonya responded. Said is apparently an invisible word. Try it the next time you read you book- you dont notice it. So I am now getting rid of the literary trash in The Bittersweet Vine and removing anything like Sonya responded.

If you have read Goa Traffic - dont worry there is no Sonya in The Bittersweet Vine.

Thats another thing- names. I read an online article on naming you characters - apparently they should be names that are suitable ( i.e have a look on line for names people were called if they were born in the 80's if your character is in their 30's -simple and a good tip) more reality strikes true with readers. They will identify more.  But the article also said not to use difficult names the reader cant pronounce - I dont know but a couple of books I have read with difficult names I havent minded.... I suppose the majority do.

I am nearly there with Goa Traffic for kindle- I put the picture up yesterday - what do you think?  I did a quick read through this morning and I am ready to upload it now. With any luck I am going to do it tonight!!!

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