Monday, 28 November 2011

Every writer I know has trouble writing

Every writer I know has trouble writing.  ~Joseph Heller

Well I finally formatted my kindle book and uploaded it- about 48 hours later I have a £1.14 or $1.80 version of Goa Traffic available for Download on Kindle. Check out the link on the right or the link below:

It has the new cover, the formatted text and the new price. Someone I know has bought it and has said that the formatting is fine. The only tragedy is that the amazon ‘look inside’ application looks like is all over the place. The basic HTML doc really without the code. I have heard this happens – To be honest I don’t have the time this side of Christmas to trawl through internet sites and find out how to change it- well maybe tomorrow lunch time.

I have just 8 pages to edit on TBV. I have to do this nowish – or with the hubbub of Chirstmas I will lose my train of thought and that too may become a bit of a soup.

My plan for the next edit is to keep a running plotline of TBV in a book so that I can verify dates and timings- It starts in late September and finished in two months- I never mention Christmas- is that feasible- maybe in the last scenes I should – I mean the Protagonist does go shopping – maybe she could see some christmasy things.

Back to writing tips, here is something I am trying at the moment:

I started writing character profiles so that I would get inside their heads a bit more. Let me take a character from The Bittersweet Vine. She helps the story move along and reveals things to the reader by being the protagonists confidante. In my head she is a little like Suki from the Gilmore Girls. She is bubbly, vivacious, full of life. She had short brown hair and blue eyes and she just wants to find a bit of happiness, maybe a nice man who will treat her right, but no she is going out with Jason who she has an inkling is cheating on her. She lost her sister when she was young (she committed suicide) and so the protagonist and her sister are like her sisters. Although she is the best friend of my protagonist she therefore has her own issues. Leanne is not very good at keeping secrets. She is also not very good at dealing with complicated problems – she normally relies on the protagonist to help her out there. So now she knows the protagalists struggle what does she do?

I write out her details and her back story (for my reference only)  and I think this is enough but then I get an idea from a writing workshop on-line – it says write short stories about your characters that reveals something about them- like for yourself – not for the general public and as I started writing a bit of flash fiction the other day I thought to myself- why not? So that’s What I plan to do- I suppose it would be a little Chaucer –esk – Like the Canterbury tales!

Maybe I will post one on here- a short back story (Maybe I’ll change names so when you read the book you don’t immediately guess the storyline)….. watch this space.

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