Thursday, 23 February 2012

The best style is the style you dont notice.

The best style is the style you don't notice.  ~Somerset Maugham

So from previous posts you will know that I am trying to sort out my website. One word = Nightmare. The formatting takes so long and is so fiddly - it makes formatting for kindle seem a breeze... well I suppose its a bit iof a lie- its not that hard but it is time consuming - four hours in front of the computer and you have realised you have just about managed the font. I spent yesterday evening having a look at other author websites... I have not really been enamoured by them. I want something striking and different yet simple and easy to use. Getting that combination right is rather difficult but H (thats husband) has come to teh rescue. For the first time along my journey he is really being pro-active on the webiste front. So I have sent him all the pictures I have (although he hates my author profile picture- says I look pretentious) and the wording for the website and I am leaving it with him. I did try and give him a deadline to have it ready by the 29th Feb - Did I mention that I am impatient... anyway will see how it gose.

I have been lame on the reading front too- Not got far with The sixth Lamentation but have been passed a Japanenes thriller that is supposed to be A.Mazing so will let you know how that goes.

In otehr news check out my friends blog---- If you love food try this

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