Saturday, 11 February 2012

As to the adjective...

As to the adjective, when in doubt, strike it out.  ~Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson, 1894

My eyes hurt from editing! really they do. But I am nearly there I have edited 151 pages so not many more to go maybe a couple of days worth. I have had to give up today because my eyes and my brain hurts too.

Okay so my musings so far this week: Basically I read a tweet from guardian books or something like this to say some self published book was number one in the amazon charts for three months at the end of last year. In the interview the author said that he didnt set out to have a best seller just thought he would give it a go and see where it took him because he turned 30!

Well I get that because I had a bit of a panic when I hit 30 - but I cant help be a bit annoyed by the article. Now it sounds like I am jealous and of course I am - I mean i am not super annoyed -because I think great there is a possibility for all self pubbed authors out there to have their books read  - juts slightly annoyed I suppose that its not me. I need to get a kindle I think to read some of these self published books. Kindle for PC is a bit stressful for the eyes if you work on a computer all day. Anyway so those were my thoughts on that. But there is potential.

Goa Traffic was climbing the kindle charts too but today has taken a massive nose dive. Whats that about? I was hoping to repeat last months sales figures which doubled those in December- Oh one can dream. If you are feeling particularly cold at the moment - It has been snowing- Goa Traffic will transport you to some warmth (there plug over)

Apart from the The Bittersweet Vine editing as mentioned above is going well. I have to do a bit of a re-shuffle of my chapters after this third edit and then do another ten edits. It needs it...

In other news my new Blog with my friend Urmi Kenia (Who did both front covers for Goa Traffic) - will be out soon. I know I promised this awhile ago- but we are almost there now and then I will post a link. Its looking really good. Pictures and short story- flash fiction- these are not stories that we have sat with for hours. They are - see a picture and explain what you think is going on kind of thing....

Thats about it for now. I am also wondering what to do with  The Bittersweet Vine after its complete- I am definately going to sit on it for a bit whilst i work up the first draft of Under The Coconut tree but the publishing route is yet to be decided.

Anyway if you are new to this blog.... follow me on twitter... find me on facebook and get a copy of Goa Traffic and tell me what you think!

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