Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fiction is the reproduction...

Fiction is the reproduction of believable emotional experiences.

I hope you have all had the chance to check out I have to say keep in mind that it's only roughly edited flash fiction. Really happy with the way our blog has come together and currently working on more short stories so keep checking the blog. For updates. I have also taken ten minutes to spruce up (yes it's a granny word I know) this blog. I have only just discovered tabs and stand alone pages - its only taken me a year to find...

I haven't been reading much this week... No patience or time and don't ask me about the editing of the bittersweet. It's all going wrong although I read a chapter out at writing group and got some good feedback and ideas for it... It wasn't as bad as my last critique but I think I am slowly improving.

That's about it... A bit of a boring blog post I know... But have a look at the tabs above and definitely check out the lens and the quill.

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