Monday, 6 February 2012

So much to little time

Where do I begin? Over the last couple of days I have come across quite a few articles that have piqued my interest. This was perhaps for the first time in ages I had a chance to do nothing on the weekend and so I bought th papers. I know I should have been editing or writing but him indoors gets a bit annoyed with my incessant tapping at the key board and therfore this task is solely kept for when he is out or Wednesday afternoons. Anyway I needed a bit of down time.

The first thing I did, which I rarely do and I should because I am a budding author is that I read The Culture supplement that came with the Times. And I discovered that the Oxford Literary festival is on.... perfect I have booked some tickets for a talk in the genre I am progressing towards. If you love literature and are thinking of taking up writing ..... definately go to a literary festival. It will give you an air for whats about. So now I know what is going on in the world of books and I am not blinkered into just reading about things I am interested in.....

Secondly I came across an article about Wimbledon High school that are holding a festival of Failure- teaching girls that failure is acceptable because you need failure for success. Of course they used JK Rawling who said her failure was paramount to her eventual success.

I thoroughly agree with this. There is such a pressure not to fail these days that we dont often see the benefits of failure. that you pick yourself up and start again. It shows more of the person you are than just cruising through life with success. I say three cheers to Wimbledon High School- I hope other schools follow.

That being said - I have much to do on the edditng front. Can I offer some advice for the 3rd Edit. Keep a notepad by the side of your computer and make notes - like a mini chapter synopsis as you edit. This will enable you to type out a timeline- that you can look back on and make sure you get your dates right with chracters. It will also help you re-shuffle chapters - which I desperately need to do after this third edit.

You see thats another thing to add to my list of things to do before the end of March- finish my Third Edit and re-shuffle chapters. I am not even half way through-I hope this is achievable.

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