Monday, 15 August 2011

Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.

Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts. - Edward R Murrow 

Tony Blair- A journey. I have got to say it is pretty good. If you are a regular follower of this Blog then you will know I started reading this book with the intent to dislike it. But actually I am quite enjoying it. Why when I am not a political aficionado in the slightest do I like it? Well for starters Tony Blair is real. I cant say that I was ever a  big Labour supporter but he has the same fears as all of us. When he won the election he wasn’t saying Yippee- he was saying oh Cr*P because he knew what it meant. To be leader of a country is a huge deal. His book provides an insight into the no.10, the death of Diana and how the Royals had to cope with her funeral, the foot and mouth crisis’s, the Kosovo crisis. I am probably more educated now, half way through his journey, than I have ever been. I’ll be honest the politics don’t interest me much. It is the relationships between the cabinet, other world leaders and the royal family. It also provides an insight to what it is like for someone in that position to go through. I mean the guy is pretty honest about what he thinks he did right and wrong, what he thinks of certain parts of our society and mistakes he has made along the way.

I know what you are thinking- his book is a good bit of self promo. Of course it is, I am not that blind- but in its delivery it provides an insight that you will never get from watching politicians on the news. I can see why it is a best seller- although he does more of the telling than the showing, and for a political memoir the pictures are not that great!

I am half way through, the next chapter is 9/11 – It will be an interesting read and for the first time in the last two weeks I actually feel like picking it up!  If you  want more than entertainment this summer- a bit of political intrigue then buy a copy or get it from your local library. That said I am looking forward to my next read, The Lantern as recommended in the TV book Club.

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So today my musings were largely focused on reading not writing but I suppose the two are synonymous. Although I have to end on a positive note for Goa Traffic. I received a brilliant review from a friend who downloaded the book on his ipad and he really made my day. The words were very kind and genuine- the terms ‘page turner’ and ‘loved the twists’ were just a couple of the comments. Anyway I wont bore you with the whole spiel but It really did make my day! Especially as the review was from the male species- reviews of which are rare for Goa Traffic that is largely aimed at the female market.

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