Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dont tell me the moon is shining...

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."
- Anton Chekov

Why is dialogue writing so difficult?! Well I find it so. So in my attempt to improve my dialogue I googled- How to write dialogue in a novel. What  google came up with was this:http://www.novel-writing-help.com/writing-dialogue.html

It is a fantastic website for any budding novelist and has given me food for thought for The book Club. I now want to rewrite chunks and point out where exactly I need to show and tell. (Look under narrative structure for that)

I know it is important to have a theme to your book, some symbolism and well rounded three dimensional characters. This website will help you improve my writing. After writing my first draft – getting the story down- I am keen to develop it further – I know I need to show, not tell –  a balancing act. I know  the characters need to be identifiable and I know I need to make the reader love some characters and hate some others. There is lots of work to do this good thing about this website is that it has helped hone in my skills and provided me with further clarity of how to incorporate it into my book. It is one thing knowing you need some symbolism in your book. Its another incorporating it into your writing.

No now even though I said I would leave my book for a month or so- I really want to start adding, subtracting and doing all sorts to the characters. But I need to let it breathe and so I will restrain myself. Lets see how long I can hold off for.

I can see why there are so many courses out there to improve your writing- the Faber course looks good. But you have to have a bit of money behind you to do something like that- and you may never reap any  financial rewards. Its tough – I have studied so many things in my life and I am always slightly dejected after a course –thinking it isn’t something I want to do- maybe I am fickle but maybe it takes the fun out of it- the adhocracy. This is why writing is great- yeah there is technique but will a school may you conform to what’s out there already?! Just a thought.

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