Monday, 1 August 2011

Writing is an occupation in which you have to keep...

Writing is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to those who have none.
Jules Renard

Dont you just hate it when you have a cold about you but it hasnt made up its mind whether its coming or going. I hate that. That's how I feel right now though, a bit under the weather. 
I have just announced my first book of the book club I have started. Diane Chamberlains "Secrets she left behind." I know what you are thinking- a run of the mill book that is neither here nor there- a bit like my cold. I enjoyed it though - its one of those reads that provides escapism but not too heavy. And it makes you think- I like books like that! 
Tony Blair- A journey arrived today - looking at it fills me with dread. It looks so boring and what if I take it out with me somewhere - what kind of impression does that kind of book give about me- Am I a book snob? Dont judge a reader by the book they are reading. If you do enjoy reading and you head down to the beach (on holiday) you do tend to look at what people are reading and you do kind of judge them a little- or is that just me?! 

I am waffling- I blame the cold and the fact that I joined the gym today - good timing I know- I am trying to provoke this wanna be cold one way or another - there is nothing more annoying than an indecisive cold. 

Anyway I can sense I am boring you to tears. I have some important things to say- about how you can improve your writing. I have been scouring workshops online and came across the Mslexia workshops which are great I have got a few pointers from my favourite ones and that is what I aim to share with you! as I try them out. 

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