Thursday, 11 August 2011

A creative man is motivated by...

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Ayn Rand

So back to Goa Traffic. What’s new?  Well my free marketing campaign is a bit sluggish. I have joined linked in and have started participating in groups! Yes it is time consuming but worth it- there are some interesting discussions happening on the various author discussion walls- heated ones at that about self publishing versus Traditional and whether self publishers should be considered as professional. One comment was that they shouldn’t because nobody has paid them to release their work. But I ask you – if you know someone in a publishing house and they get your work published because you had a contact there does that make you a better writer? Or because your story caught someone’s attention and they put you through – is your work better than someone who has written a fantastic book but just cant get through to the agents – because the agents don’t think the work will sell. My comment was that the rise of the e-book will put self publishers and trad pubbers on an equal footing – Surely then it is up to the reader to decide! I know for one (I know I have said this countless times) I have bought utter drivel  that as been published traditionally. I guess those are the books that don’t make many sales that the general public don’t hear about. Never the less they are out there.

How long do you think that self pubbers will be on an equal footing with trad publishers? Soon I think- I know – the ebook is revolutionary.

Speaking of e-books I am having a new book cover desin produced by a close friend who is a creative genius. This cover will be for my more aptly priced ebook for kindle. Authorhouse are charging £7.99- in my opinion it is too much although there are two schools of thought here from kindle owners:
1)   Cheap books are bad so I stay away from them
2)   Cheap books – why not? For that price I will give it a go.

Clearly I will hit both markets?! Or maybe do myself a dis-service by sending mixed signals to my audience! We’ll see. I have the book ready to upload on to amazon- of course I will be using their publishing software to upload it – I think It is called Mobi Pocket- I will let you know how I get on as I have heard it is very difficult to do. Watch this space.

Another  couple of sites I have joined are Good reads and  The Copia both very similar – Good reads I think has the edge- you fill up your on-line  book shelves with books you have read and join in discussions, add yourself as an author and  write reviews. We’ll see how that goes. If anything it will provide some entertainment. I may put people off as the book I am currently reading is Tony Blair : A journey – I don’t want them to think I am that kind of person- They wont know why I am reading it!

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