Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Writing is a product of silence.

Writing is a product of silence.  ~Carrie Latet

So I am supposed to be editing The Bittersweet Vine- ave I ek?! No not at all. I need to get started once I start I wont stop- How many edits can I do before July- Two at least I think.
Writing group yesterday was good I didn’t read- clearly I have nothing to read (but hoping to do something next time) but it motivated me again.
The short stories too and coming along well. I have a meeting next week with my friend to sort out the layout etc and I think I have done at least eight  stories so far so that’s a good start. I do hope you all take a look at it once its up and running. Now I am blog savvy I will add a link when its done.
The good news is that on my way to workthe other day I had a bit of a brain wave and came up with a story idea for my first mystery novel set in rural Goa. Remember this is lighthearted stuff. The working title is “Under the Coconut Tree” remember its Alexander Mc Call Smith meets Aravind Adiga or something like that – I can only wish that I am able to write as well as them. I am aiming for 60,000 words . Again I want short snappy chapters that keep the reader amused, entertained and informed oflocal Goan life. I can really see The Chupplejeep Mysteries taking off!  This book is ahead of my time scale but when inspiration strikes… I basically need to spend at last a month in Goa to complete the first one and hope to do this in 2013. I need to live and breathe rural Goa to write well enough to transport my readers there. Watch this space!!!!
Whilst I have taken a breather from Jodi Picoult’s The Tenth Circle (the print on the copy I have is so small) although the story is interesting – Huckleberry Finn is really got me racing to the end. I reckon I will have finished it by Friday. It is written in English Obviously but in dialect which can be difficult to understand but once you get into it – its really rather good and a good choice. Hemmingway said it was one of America’s all time greats well so maybe you should give it a go. It is worth it. Definitely read it- it will add to your classics knowledge if nothing else. My friend and I said the name reminded us of Huckleberry Hound- How true!!!!
I haven’t even started reading out of sight by Elizabeth Grey but I will start that this weekend.

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