Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The day we decide to act...

The day we decide to act it is our lucky day - Paulo Coelho

Happy New Year all

I'm back - after ten days or more even of festivities I feel fat and un-productive. This is not how I should feel- after all it is a new year - the world is my oyester and all that. I have been doing something though- for starters I am setting myself a few deadlines:
1) To get The Bittersweet Vine ready for submissions in July- too ambitious? I hope not.
2) To finish Work in Progress- Living The Dream (yes I know its a bad title) first draft by the end of teh year- Its an epic book- I am only 10,000 words in
3) To launch new blog with Creative consultant Urmi Kenia - who did both the front covers for Goa Traffic. The idea is that she takes Photos and I write a short story to go with. It is going to be an interesting collaboration
4) To get my website of the ground
5) To sell lots more copies of Goa Traffic- Thank you for all the kind words about the book and the recent surge in purchases of the Kindle Copy- My thanks to everyone
6) Travel - a must on my list!!!!

Anyway on to other thoughts and musings.... I have started reading The Legacy (well thats a lie- its in my bag- I just need to start reading it) Dont ask me who it's by- thats bad isnat it - Authors should know whose books they are reading- I hope I dont sound too conceited?! I'm not lie taht really- I'm just trying to get my words out as fas as I am thinking them

Another thing is that I was watching Endeavour last night.... The pre-inspector morse show- If you dont already know I love a good sunday eveing murder mystery- any way - It got me thinking why are so many murder mysteries set in Oxfordshire- is it because of the beautiful surroundings- is it more unsightly and opposing to find a dead body amidst the beauty of the Cottswold stone buildings that take your breath away? I dont really know- but it seems to be a winning formula!

I am also boosting my Twitter account- lots more tweets about writing and my general thoughts.... Follow me @marissadeluna

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