Thursday, 19 January 2012

Novelists...fashioning nets to sustain and support the reader...

Novelists... fashioning nets to sustain and support the reader as he falls helplessly through the chaos of his own existence.  ~Fay Weldon
Having a manic day at work and suddenly starting on my editing journey for the Bittersweet Vine sounds like something relaxing and peaceful - the labour of love seems appealing right now. But that is beacuse I am at work - snatching my lunch hour to do this.
I am getting quite a few hits on my blog in America but this does not turn into sales in America (They say its tough to crack). I have seen this statement/question whatever you call it written on thousands of forums - How can I turn blog hits into sales?

Sales in England are steady so then how come they are so low in America- is it because I have more of a prescence here? Hardly- One kind soul did say Americans are keen to read fiction by English Authors. I guess there is a lot moer choice in America? I dont know. What I do know is that I rather get USA hits and no sales from USA than no hits and no sales. At least it gives my blogs a purpose- Somebody, somewhere is reading what I write.

Can I just also say that my Twitter experience is not doing so great. Yes I have tried Tweeting about mundane things, profound sayings and writing - to no avail- the followers are limited.

With the sale of Goa Traffic - I have to think - is it because of the name GOA - that I am getting sales. I know its a place loved by all and people want to read about it - I have classed it under travel books for India and I'll be honest I think that is where most of my sales are being generated from. This fills me with slight disillusionment  for The Bittersweet Vine - failing to find an agent or a publisher could mean back to self publishing - now this is something I am familiar with and happy about because I know it- Who knows if I can stump up the costs to get the book edited but hey - its my dream I am not writing it so that it can sit on my hard drive for the rest of eternity!

Vanity publishing- yes and what? I say - anyway rant over. Even though Goa Traffic was a huge experiement of sorts I am confident taht oen day (maybe when I am 50! it will break even) - maybe sooner. I am slowly chipping away at the total figure - which would have been much lower without the full edit (damn my bad grammar)

Anyway this weekend - well starting from yestersday is a huge push for Goa Traffic before I expend all my energy on The Bittersweet Vine.

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