Monday, 16 January 2012

Writing is both mask and unveiling.

Writing is both mask and unveiling - E. B White

So last Tuesday I got a call from BBC Radio Oxford- Am I free to do an Author Interview about Goa Traffic. I remember sending stuff off last year to a contact a friend gave me at Radio Oxford but as per all my press releases - big fat nothing. 'Yeah Sure' I say to the producer - ever though I am petrified. Friday afternoon she asks- Yeah sure I respond- meanwhile up in my head alarm bells are ringing. Is this live? I am too scared to ask - so she gives me the details tells me to email over some info about myself and thats it. Basically after a half week of fretting I rock up to the studio- go early- my friend in TV says- you'll feel more relaxed.... I got there like half an hour before I should have and I was still waiting in reception when I was introduced. 'Errr should I go in?' I asked the receptionist- "no You're fine there. They'll come and get you..."

It was scary. I am glad I did it and I am glad its over. It was a great experience- I was flummoxed by all the questions about Goa- because I didnt really expect them. I still havent listened to the interview back as I am too scared but those who have heard it say it was good and sounded professional- Its scary but amazon sales did pick up that afternoon. In fact Amazon sales are doing well.... Big thank you to all those who have bought- continue to spread the word!!!!!!

I dont have much else to say but that was pretty huge for me and the most publicity Goa Traffic has got in the last year. It's also an achievement... I am happy. Have a listen but the link is only live till Thursday ..... I have put it under links you may be interested in- you need to get into hour two of the show-unless you want to learn how to make Rabbit Stew first!

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