Wednesday, 18 January 2012

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is...

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music the words make.  ~Truman Capote

Well I finished reading 'Max MacCauley: All he ever wanted was a quiet life.' by Mary Cavanagh and can I say what a good read it was. She really knows how to bring characters to life. It was definately worth the read and for under £3.00 no wonder everyone is going kindle.

Although I must say - Kindle for PC is not so good- well its okay- the trouble is its backlit like a PC is so its not as kind to your eyes as the kindle is.

Today is the day I start edit 3 of The Bittersweet Vine. I can wait- It is aa laborious task in front of me but have to get started if I want to send out query letters by July and that is on my new years resolutions.

I am making great sales on Goa Traffic so at least I can put that in my query letter. I also have an action plan if I dont get a publisher. But I will disclose that later.

In other news. We have come up with a name for our new Blog: my friend is setting it up so cant reveal the name until I know its ours- most of the blog names we wanted were taken. Highly annoying and we cant affor to lose this one. But watch this space I have been writing several short stories so will be good to see what you think of them!

Its odd but all of a sudden I feel like a writer- I feel too that someday my writing will take off. I suppose all writers have to believe in themselves- well I hope my dreams come true. I am astounded by the nice comments I have received from readers. Particularly somone who bought a book at my book signing in Goa - sent me a mssg on my facebook page to say that she enjoyed it- Now thats effort- but that is what makes it all worthwhile- not the writing because we would do that no matter what- that is for ourselves and only costs time- Its the effort of publishing and marketing etc....

Anyway this weekend is a major marketing (free marketing push) for Goa Traffic Kindle- spread the word- look at teh links on the right and tell your friends go on.

I am waiting for Huckleberry Finn to arrive in the post (thank you Amazon) and am also reading Out of Sight Elizabeth Grey. The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult.

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