Friday, 5 April 2013

Fiction is the truth inside the lie

“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”
Stephen King

So today during my lunch hour I decided to have a look through some writing blogs/websites as opposed to reading through ‘A brief History of Art,’ which has been staring at me on my desk for at least two months! I am living in hope that it will make me more intelligent.

So the first web blog I clicked on was Copyblogger and basically I didn’t have time to look at anything else. It is my new fave writing site. It is jam packed (and I mean bursting at the seams) with articles, inspiration and ways to improve your creativity/writing business and most importantly its funny! For example are social media experts worth the money they charge? See

Here I was introduced to Sturgeon’s law (that 90% of everything is crap) and what I love about the site is that things like this link to definitions or explanations on other sites and Wikipedia – so you are not left with a list of things to Google later! – it’s a hassle-free blog! So it’s definitely worth the read!

I also found a list of commonly misused words! – I am the first to admit my grammar is bad – this post was humorous and informative! I had read about many of them before – maybe if I keep reading them I will finally understand. I think I am nearly there with who and whom!

The article that resonated with me the most though was 7 bad habits of productive people. See the link below:

It is funny and true and I really recommend if you have five minutes to spare to have a look at this. It’s great and weirdly inspirational to know that I am not the only one with some of these habits! – Also does that imply I am productive? Mmm – I hope so!

A post on marketing on Pinterest definitely caught my attention- as it’s my new hobby! This was what I managed in an hour. But there is so much more to discover on that site. I will be back.

I also had a quick look at The Write Practice. It’s a great site if you are looking for inspiration and to get your creative juices going. I particularly liked their suggestion to write something that truly terrifies you. So imagine your worst fear and write about it!

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