Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fiction is about stuff that's screwed up.

Fiction is about stuff that’s screwed up.
- Nancy Kress

So another guest post has made its way onto The Coffee Stained Manuscript! This time it’s from Hockey player turned published novelist (international bestselling author), Luke Murphy. I think guest blog posts are great for getting your work out there and I am seriously considering a blog tour to coincide with the release of The Bittersweet Vine. Like I have said before I don’t know if blog posts and blog hits relate to sales. I certainly haven’t seen much of a correlation with Goa Traffic. Nevertheless half of this marketing malarkey is all about getting your name out there. It’s about branding and raising awareness for your brand. It’s about attracting people to your blog, your website and perhaps your Amazon page. I applaud people for giving it a go. And the benefit is two fold! you drive people to their sites. They drive people to your blog! Anyway  on the 12th April I will be posting a guest blog by author, Luke Murphy, and how he went from hockey player to a published author. I must admit I haven’t read his book, Dead Man’s Hand yet. But I am sure I will. His story is interesting and inspiring. So remember to have a look on the 12th April for the guest blog!

the following has been swiped from Luke's Amazon page:

This is the the author bio: Luke Murphy was born in Shawville, a small rural community in Western Quebec.

He played six years of professional hockey before retiring in 2006.

His road to novelist began in the winter of 2000, after sustaining a season ending eye injury. He continued to hobby write through the years, honing his craft, making time between work and family obligations.

He constantly read, from novels in his favorite genres to books written by experts in the writing field. He made friends (published and unpublished authors), learning what it took to become successful.

Feeling that he was finally prepared, in the winter of 2007, Murphy started to write Dead Man’s Hand. It took him two years to complete the first draft of his novel.

He hired Ms. Jennifer Lyons, of the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, and in 2012, signed his first publishing contract with Imajin Books.

Murphy lives in Shawville with his wife, two daughters and a pug. He is a teacher who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Education (Magna Cum Laude).

For more information, see:

And perhaps I will write a riveting guest blog post that I can share on other blogs for The Bittersweet Vine.

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