Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's never ending...

It’s never ending…

Today I feel slightly overwhelmed. By nature I like researching stuff. When I decide I want to do something I research everything I can about it and immerse myself in it in order to achieve my goal. I am a determined person and I am sure many authors out there do the same. I often look at writing blogs and websites to find juicy snippets about the publishing world, self publishing, books to read about novel writing, novel writing tips etc. And more often than not I post some of the jewels of my findings on this blog. Just have a look at some of the labels on my blog posts such as on-line resources and writing tips. But today I feel overwhelmed. This happened when I Googled Authonomy

Authonomy it is a website set up by HarperCollins where you post your work and if people like it you may even get a publishing deal out of them. There are quite a few sites like Wattpad which is similar I suppose, but whilst I was on Authonomy I found myself looking at and then their blog and I just felt like there was too much. Too much information out there on writing! I mean where do you stop? I think the internet is great. Absolutely it is – I wouldn’t be where I am today without the benefits of the internet but really there is a lot of information out there. Information you can get yourself lost in. I know this is a pointless whinge because on one hand I am saying I can’t live without it and on the other I am saying I hate it because I can’t get through reading all the writing articles out there!

I guess I have to accept that there will always be new stuff out there and celebrate the fact that there is – after all we can’t know everything. Anyway I thought I would have a moan!!!!

The next couple of things on my to do list is joining Google Analytics and joining the society of authors (and oh yes the grammar course). I have created a Google analytics account and being the dozy person that I am I assumed that you would type in your website details and it would churn out reports for you – WRONG! I need to cut and paste the code they provide into my website- each page at that. Mmmm I think I will leave that to H to sort out.  You see what I mean it is never ending. However Google Analytics is free so I really can’t complain.

I have also heard from friends that once you have a publisher it is a must to join the Society of Authors- they give good and free advice (subject to the joining fee) and also I finally match the criteria required to join the society. (Having a publishing book contract or having sold over 500 copies of a self published book).

And in other news I am nearly there with a readable draft of Under The Coconut Tree. By the end of April it will be there – but I will be putting it on a back burner whilst I complete book number 4 – Living the Dream (I know – it’s a terrible title but watch this space)

Speaking of revisions check out this great new Blog Post from Gabby Aquilina about editing your novel:  - I couldn’t get by without point number 5! She has also pointed me in the direction of which I will be checking out when my brain can cope again!

I’ll let you know if they accept me in their group! In the meantime Happy writing!

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