Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tis the season...

Its cold outside and you need a holiday- Have I mentioned that Goa is the place to be (book aside)? It is warm (weather wise) the people are genuine and friendly and the food is fantastic - if you like indian/Goan food. Maybe I shouldnt plug Goa so much because it is a little over-run by tourists but as it is my home I'm going to share a few things about the wonderful little state with you. 

Lets take food for instance - you have to try a goan curry - being coastal it has to be prawn or fish. The fish is abundant - Pomfret (very buttery texture), Tomaso (or red snapper), Kingfish, skate - this makes a good curry because the texture is such that it absorbs the curry and flavours the fish. The scale of hotness for a Goa Curry can vary from mild to hot but never too hot. It really depends on the chef. Goans love putting chilli in everything.  And why not- it adds flavours. Sometimes they put bimleys in the cury. They are small green fruit that are extremely sour - delicious they add a certain depth to the curry. 

A good accompanyment to Goan rice and curry is water pickle - which is raw mango in brine with chillis- slice it up and serve it with your meal - its pretty much perfect. Also you can get raw mango slice it up finely add some salt and chilli to the bown and put it in the fridge for a day or two - then use it with your food - it is nothing short of amazing- extremely sour but amazing. 

And what should you drink with this meal- A Lassi - a cool yoghurt drink with salt and sugar- it replenishes your salts and sugars but although I used to drink it when I was younger - now I find it too heavy. A better all day drink is a fresh lime soda. It it what it is - fresh lime, soda and either sugar, salt or both - again to replenish your salts and sugars when you are sitting in the heat all day. 

The food in Goa is amazing  and thats just the start... Caldene, ambotic, prawns with chilli and garlic, chicken cafreal - they are amazing dishes that must be tasted - and after that... you can read Goa Traffic on the beach under an umbrella sipping a tender coconut in its shell. what could be better. 

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