Friday, 2 December 2011

An engaging love story that sweeps you into the vibrant landscape of Goa

An engaging love story that sweeps you into the vibrant landscape of Goa and the excitement of an exotic affair, Goa Traffic ends with a brutally callous betrayal and the bitter consequences of rash and naive choices.
Lisa Higgins takes a rare chance in her very ordered life and books a solo Christmas vacation to Goa where she meets Terrence and her life is forever changed. 

Ms. De Luna's sobering tale of very realistic events and the incredible build up of the love story makes the betrayal visceral and complete. It was my great pleasure to read this book.

Today I was feeling glum... so much work to do etc and as well as that I (being a little OCD) had to double check ,y contract with Authorhouse that I could re-publish - even though I have checked twice and called them about it. Anyway I did and them some kind soul ona social networking site suggested that Amazon may have an issue with having the same book on at the same price. They also pointed out that the new cover didnt show up for kindle and that that copy was linked into the Author house one- what a mess- maybe it is better not to try and self publish (joke- as they say if its easy everyone would do it and it wouldnt be worth having)

Being impatient I have just updated the edition- to edition 2- I am hoping this combats all teh changes. It is the second edition I suppose. My worry was that the reviews would come off- I dont know - lets wait and see.

The above quote is from a review  on amazon that I just happened to see- mid trying to chnage editions etc. (yes I like to multi task) .... new years resolutions - A new Website!!!!

Oh FYI - The new kindle edition is now available in Italy and Spain, france and denmark...... get christmas shopping!!!

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