Tuesday, 20 December 2011

word of mouth...

I am giving myself a holiday from books and writing.... Just till the new year. Dont get me wrong I dont find it a chore (well marketing I do) I just need some time out. Before I sign off I must tell you that I had an impromptu book signing whilst in Goa. At Calangute's Capricorns from 5-8 last Friday we had drinks and canpes and I signed some books. The Goan Press were there and hopefully I will get some coverage. Not only was Goa a holiday but I now have books in Mandovi bookshop and Broadway in Panjim as well as soon be in the resort of Cidade de Goa. They will be in Fiesta (a great restaurant on the Tito's strip) and Emmanuels Beach Shack in Baga, also Bina Pujani's hair salon near the Marriott (near Cocoa Berry ) and Sachas shop in Panjim. All are great places to visit so if you are going on a trip take a look.

The recent reviews I have recieved for Goa Traffic from Complete unknowns have been the best Christmas present ever.

My one last request before I sign off for the holidays is that if you buy one book for your kindle this week buy this :
The author has written previous published books. Mary Cavanagh - I recently read the Crowded Bed and it was great. Try this book its only £2.99 or there abouts - go on....
I still dont have a kindle but want to get one on my PC so I can read it! I am currently reading Sophie Hannah - the otehr half lives and so far its good. I like her style and it is inspiring to read otehr psychological thrillers especially when I am writing one at the moment!
2012 is going to be big people watch this space...
Thank you again for all your support!

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