Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Novelists...fashioning nets to sustain...

Novelists... fashioning nets to sustain and support the reader as he falls helplessly through the chaos of his own existence.  ~Fay Weldon

So I bought a website.... check it out and now I need to create a website for this domain name. Take a look it has my name and says under construction. I am aiming to get it up and running by the end of October- it will be a little project. 

I feel a bit lame... I havent done much with my books to blog about lately... family taking over, cleaning the house, work being busy (i hate that!) and writing kind of slips. Went to my writing group yesterday that was good. 

I feel a little under the weather as well which could have something to do with it. I feel tired. Must rest. 

Tomorrow I am going to call all the head offices of the main book stores, next week I am going to my local Waterstones to ask if they have considered my book.... Now that I have said this I am going to do it. No more complaining... no more lethargy.

If I knew someone who had a published book and who wasn't doing everything they could to promote it- I would wonder why- I would say 'I wish I had a book in print. I would publicize it like there is no tomorrow.' and therefore I should be ashamed for not doing more. 

Tomorrow I start!!!

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