Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It is impossible to discourage real writers...

It is impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write.  ~Sinclair Lewis

So today I felt a little blue. Really blue about the state of affairs and getting published and self publishing and the complexities of promotion. It’s a tough world out there. Let me tell you even if you go out into the world with the expectation of not selling many copies etc etc you still feel slightly dejected sometimes.

Apparently the average self published book will sell 150 copies- well I have at least reached that target but will I sell any more? Oh how the mind changes ! The other day I was elated that just someone bought my book and read it. Well today feeling blue I had not a lot to do so I went on amazon.com and under the kindle review I saw something that absolutely made my day. An American review on amazon.com:

There were no reviews for this book on Amazon.com. So I was skeptical initially to buy it. But I found 8 reviews on Amazon.co.uk and all of them said "I could not keep this book down once I picked it" and so on. So I got this book. And now I know all of the comments were so true. Even I completed this book in one sitting. 

The story/plot in the book is amazing. The way Marissa has explained Goa is superb. I myself being from Goa felt very nostalgic. The story takes you through the vibrant and colourful Goan life, you really enjoy every bit of it. I vicariously enjoyed Lisa's (the protagonist) holidays in Goa. The romance is also very well portrayed. Folks, go ahead buy this book...you will only enjoy the read!

I was so chuffed with this I cant begin to explain! But the  main reason for my gloomyness was because I googled tips on writing a novel. It was a bad move! The tips seemed to take out any joy of writing. Do this and do that and never do this- surely there isn’t a formula to writing- and if there is – there shouldn’t be.

For some reason it has really annoyed me. I get there there are basic do’s and don’ts such as the showing and telling – but the tips I read well they were just… I don’t know! Annoying!! Anyway enough of my rant.

I have also discovered that creating a website is going to be hard work! really hard work and there isn’t an easy option- unless I want to pay someone to do it!

Oh and a little tip to keep the world ticking- if you feel like writing a review - make the effort dont push it to the back of your pile! do it! you may just make someones day. 

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