Saturday, 10 September 2011

Thank you!

Thank You!

Well I received my royalties statement and I am super happy with it! In total the sales I have made myself and the royalties add up to 150 sales in the first quarter. That’s 150 people reading Goa Traffic !!! Here is what I hope to achieve with GT:
1)   Goa Traffic is not a crusade but there are topics I wanted to explore with the book. Cruel realities that happen in far flung places that we just don’t take notice off. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will see that I am not the crusading type- my motto is live and let live. I wanted to make people aware of the topics (I wont mention for fear of it turning into a spoiler)- This leads to point two
2)   I really wanted to make the reader think. Don’t you love it when you pick up a book and read it and it makes you think about what the protagonist has done or about to do. I think as readers we get so drawn in by the protagonist (after all we are following their journey) that I wanted the reader to ask him/herself- Would I do what Lisa Higgins did? Would I do it – if I knew the truth? Would I have told?
3)   Goa Traffic gets into the depths of Goa, how it is to live there, the sights the smells, the food the people. Having lived in Goa when I was younger and still going back quite frequently- to me Goa is home. I hope I have conveyed the true Goa to readers

This Blog comes with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought the book, is going to buy the book and whoever is spreading the word or just even reading my blog. It has been amazing to see since the release of Goa Traffic my ‘stats’ steadily increase!!! So big love for that as well. It would be a bit pointless if I was blogging and nobody was reading (although it can be quite cathartic)

Anyway back to normal on my next blog. In fact I have big news – a must read for any author or photographer!!!!!!

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