Wednesday, 18 July 2012

we rate ability in men...

“We rate ability in men by what they finish, not by what they attempt” - Think Exist (sorry don't know who said this - it didn't say)

Well I cant believe I am at this juncture again. Well i can I have been harping on about it for the last however many months. So mwriting buddy proof reader has added all the comma's I needed and actually said that my punctuation is not all that bad apparently its the same mistake I keep making with dependant clauses!! hurrah- now if someone would tell me what one of them is I might get it.... only joking but I do need to learn. Think of the time and money I could save.

Writing Buddy - Lets call him Mr X - because I don't like using peoples names if they are not bloggers and don't have an on-line presence because they may not want me to share information- anyway Mr X has also given me some good pointers on how to improve the first three chapters. So I worked on it late last night and now have a completed submission package!!!! VERY EXCITED!

I am sending out five submissions (lucky agents!) - arghhhh it is scary and at the same time exciting - but deep down I know it will amount to nothing! I mean psychological thrillers are two a penny aren't they?!  You see this worries me about all us wanna be trad published writers - I mean would you take a chance on a new writer when Sophie Hannah does it so well. There is no USP I suppose to the run of the mill writing. OK I can churn out four books a year (if I didn't have a job) and yes they are readable and I know from Goa Traffic that people enjoy them and are willing to spend money on my work - but is it anything different? I don't know. The Chupplejeep Mysteries certainly are interesting... For now I will send out my submissions and hope some agent somewhere sees some potential. Goa Traffic was the learning Curve - Bittersweet is now going to be polished within an inch of its life (well for a year) before I self publish.

I am increasingly finding I don't have the time to complete the deep clean edit of Bittersweet _ I am only on Chapter 14 - and If I do have the time I don't have the energy- so I haven't been to the gym this week and have been eating more chocolate (for energy of course) This is not a good combination so somethings gotta give. Anyway I am hoping its just a blip!

Goals  for the rest of the year- Completed deep clean edit of The Bittersweet Vine (by October) then send out 10 more submissions. With a fuhrer 5 more in December

Finish the first draft of Under The Coconut Tree... by December - currently only 20,000 words in....

Also in return for Mr X adding in commas I am reading his book and the current chapters are set in Rome- its giving me some inspiration to go abroad and write....Rome especially is beautiful.... Ah if only I was there.