Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Choose a job you love

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
Well I like writing and that isnt going to pay the bills is it? Maybe one day. So this blog posts comes with all the ususal caveats...its not been proof read of even spell checked. Work has been absolutely manic I even had to wrok late yesterday - this is no good thing for an impatient writer- I think my impatience is getting worse. I am good to go with my submissions just waiting for my proof read first three chapters- here i have to be patient as my proof reader is not doing this for money. I am being patient well at least it is teaching me to be patient. Its a good thing - plus his critique and comments as well as the commas will be invaluable I know. So I keep telling myself I will send out my 5 submissions a couple of weeks later - its not like the agents are going to be champing at the bit to be signing me up (sob) - Anyway my personal deadline was the end of July.
So what have I been doing - apart from the normal job that pays the bills I have been reading - Just started something by Barbara Vine. her books are pretty good- fact she is Ruth Rendell. Just in case you didn't know.
I have not got any further with Under The Coconut Tree - which is a shame but meanwhile I am getting super inspiration for the original book number 3 which has now moved to book number 4 - Living the dream- yes bad title I know but listen it is a work in progress.
I have also seen the Olympic torch.... see that and the Jubilee makes me a different person than I was this time last year. This time last year I would have pooh poohed the idea of watching the Olympic flame- I hate sport- well hate is too strong a word- I am indifferent!
That's about all my news. I am going to buy Tweet Right by Nicola Morgan - and See if I can drum up a few more followers.... Well her how to write a synopsis really did wonders for me especially her 'crappy memory tool' method- I recommend it to all. Yes I know I need to post links. But I so have to be in a meeting in a few minutes and I don't have time.... urgh I have talked myself in to it here you go:
There you go - see I always say if people have the time to say they don't have the time- they have the time. I feel bad buying a book on how to tweet right - I mean you should know shouldn't you- but then again my following is poor.
Also while I am linking up if you want to know more about the Jubilee check out my other blog http://thelensandthequill.blogspot.com/  Urmi was with me for the Olympic torch so maybe I will do some stories about that as well.... you know life experience and all that.
So writing group today and I have no writing to take...I know I am still editing The Bittersweet - its having a deep clean and I am only on chapter 13.... deadline for this is October so I have time. But in between I want to finish Under The Coconut Tree....I think I will be reading a bit of this at my next group (biting nails....so scary. It so different and funny and am I funny? I just dont know)