Wednesday, 16 May 2012

There are two kinds of writer:

There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.
- Brian Aldiss

So as I mentioned I have taken a break from The Bittersweet Vine but I couldn't help but look at my pitch/query letter that I put together one day haphazardly in the car -  it was bad but I have improved it. It may be ready to show my writing group for their critique- but not yet. I want to get the full package together before I show them the final package. I feel that it has all come round rather quick with TBV but you know how impatient I am. I am going to perfect my first 30 pages and the synopsis over the next couple of months - and unlike Goa Traffic I am going to sit on it for a while and keep perfecting it until I think its had enough time (that's a year...or there abouts)

So you have heard the above before. I think I need to write it to remind myself. I have just bought onto my Kindle - How to write a great synopsis by Nicola Morgan. I have read the first 16% and I have a feeling its going to be good. What is that about 16% - that is what Kindle is about - so fair enough you know how much you have read - I do like to know when the next chapter break is though - so I can say I'll read till that point and then go to bed... with this scenario I don't seem to get to bed - maybe its my issue and I need therapy or maybe other people get annoyed with it too. Nevertheless I am enjoying my kindle and of course with all the publishing opportunities I grateful for it.

I have also been checking out other blogs - my friend has a fabulous one which you must check out if you like food:
She is amazing and she is the same friend that did my wedding cake - which was out of this world in taste and in design- 300 yellow marzipan roses in a tower - she is pretty amazing and 'out of this world' creative.

I have been tweeting her later - which brings me back to my issue of still no followers. 47 is pretty poor - help me out- follow me although I must admit I am not that witty on the Tweet - I generally re-tweet at the moment I am loving Google Facts.

I am also reading Before you go to Sleep by SJ Watson. Someone recommended it to me given that my book involves amnesia as well. Its definitely gripping but different from mine. I always get worried that someone will think I am copying them.

And writing group - Abingdon writers (link on the right) - I cant get over how good the writing is - in fact I felt rather dejected after the last meet because I was just so in awe of everybodys writing. I feel that when I read out my stuff its so amateur in comparison.

That's about all my news - Goa Traffic is still selling well (thanks) but I am over marketing it for now. My website is getting lots of hits as well (link on the left)- from Amazon as well so that's good. I don't have the energy instead I am 20,000 words into Under The Coconut Tree - who knows I might have a first draft by the end of summer- lets hope so - well if it continues to rain like this maybe...

Anyway I wont bore you any further