Wednesday, 23 May 2012

His soul was just a sink of filth

His soul was just a sink of filth - Larkin

So last night I was looking through Twitter and I came across @LarkinQuotes - definitely worth a follow if you are on the periphery of reading poetry. I didn't think I was remotely interested in it until I read some Auden and Larkin quotes.

The amount poetry I have read in my lifetime is just not worth talking about. I'll be honest I just didn't 'get' it. I studied Wilfred Owens War poetry in school and enjoyed it but I cant say that I ever thought about reading more poetry.

Last night I juts had the urge to read poetry- is this me becoming more bookish and author like- is this what an author should be doing? I am not sure. Maybe it was the poet in our writing group who writes such amazing poetry that inspired me- maybe its just age! but whatever it was I am going to invest in a poetry book - something you can dip in and out of - read - reflect and take a small nugget of goodness and a warm feeling away. I say warm feeling because apart from the war poetry I think that poetry will make me feel all warm inside- I know  however that this will not be the case!

I read Nicola Morgan's 'How to write a great Synopsis' and it was brilliant - I did have most of the information on what to do already but the book was clear and succinct. Now I need to polish it and then send it to my writing group for a critique. I have also finished my pitch letter. Once this has been perfected I need to polish up my first 30 pages.

Already, being the impatient soul that I am, I have looked at the Writers handbook and circled a few small independent publishers and writing agents (up to the letter D) - I know I should be learning the grammar rules instead - but I am so restless for this.

I got a lovely personal review of Goa Traffic the other day from my website which cheered me up and generally I am in a positive frame of mind about writing today.

So if you are reading this and are thinking about writing - Just do it!!!! there is a whole host of possibilities out there.... and if you are thinking of reading poetry do that too - we need to give poetry more popular attention!