Monday, 28 October 2013

The Bittersweet Vine blog tour @ Gabrielle Aquilina's Blog

Today The Bittersweet Vine Blog tour hits Gabrielle Aquilina's Blog. The post is a short article on the importance of adding detail to your manuscript and tips on how to hone in on your observational skills. I do hope you enjoy it!

I met Gabrielle Aquilina (don't you just love her name?) at Abingdon Writers back before Goa Traffic was published. Gabby was one of the founders of Abingdon Writers and without this group I would be lost! Gabby has written a novel herself and the chapters that I have been privileged enough to read certainly had me hooked!  Gabby's blog never fails to entertain me so take a look and continue with the tour!

Before I go... today is also the official book launch for The Bittersweet Vine. I am excited to say the least! This follows on from last weeks radio interview on the Kat Orman show on BBC Radio Oxford. In November I will be resuming normal blog postings to give you an update on all October's happenings and details of the Good Reads book giveaway! 

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