Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The e-book revolution!

The e-book revolution

The independent book seller is a great way to get your novel out there. 1) They are small and so they care. if you are local they care even more. they know you will spread the word (Which you should) if they stock your book and word of mouth is everything. If you don't visits a local book seller try and find the time to do this and buy something. Don't just look and then buy it cheaper on Amazon. Buy something and help them out. I know this is rich coming from me. As I have only started doing this but I have seen the error of my ways. Where would we be if everyone bought everything on-line? We really need to help small businesses sustain themselves. Think of it this way; It's like supporting a new author. If publishers continually only publish stuff by authors who are already famous where would that leave us? Anyway if you don't know where you local book store is see the local bookstore website

Anyway rant over. Small independent book stores are brave. I have to admit these days time is in short supply and on-line shopping is so easy. You can get your weekly grocery shop and your mums birthday present in a few clicks in your lunch hour. Ordinarily this could take well over two hours. This has changed the way we live. We want things quicker and on our terms. Television viewing has changed dramatically too. These days you don't need to be in on a Wednesday night to catch an episode of your favourite programme. You can just catch it on line on demand. The e-book has made the world of publishing open to everyone and is revolutionising the book industry. I once said I would never get a kindle yet I eventually was given my mum's old kindle and I have to admit I loved it.

With an e-book I could email myself manuscripts without having to print them off, make notes and above all else get cheaper books. My mum loves hers because she reads at the speed of light. She no longer has to cart 10 books with her on holiday. They are all on one handy device. And us self-pubbers know the e-book is where we can break into the market cost effectively.

With Goa Traffic the e-book was my way in to publishing and being successful. I am going down the same route with Indian Diaries as well. So I can't knock the e-book and I can't help but think it is the way forward.

I still buy paperbacks. And there is nothing nicer than holding a new book in your hands. Also you don't want to drop your kindle in the bath - but in today's market your book has to have two versions an e-book and a paper/hardback. Why? A paperback gives your book more credibility.  I recently read that sales of paperbacks are steady and that they have not dropped like people would think they have. But there is definitely an appetite for the e-book reader and e-book readers buy more books than paperback readers.

Anyway that's it for now. This may seem a bit of a pointless post but I was thinking about it and  I thought I would put my thoughts out there. Paperbacks and e-books I love you both! 

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