Sunday, 3 November 2013

Thames River Press Book Launch 2013

So as you may have seen mentioned on my blog before on the 28th October I was part of the Thames River Press Book Launch. The event was fantastic a great platform for a new author like myself. I must admit I didn't know what to expect from it. I was a bit apprehensive (I am just one of those people I guess) but comforted by the fact that there were quite a few authors presenting their latest books. It was held in central London which was good and there was quite a turnout.  Some authors appeared so confident when speaking which made me feel even more nervous about my own speech. But hey, I got through it and it was great. I met some lovely authors and picked up a couple of their books as well!

If you want to have a look at the pictures you can do so on YouTube. Just click here

I have got to say this event made being a published author seem real. When you first publish a book you feel amazing when you get that first copy in your hands but then there is nothing. I am desperately trying to finish Poison in the Water and I am now 60,000 words in already! But I know to be successful I need to plug my previous book. If you are a published author (self pubbed or otherwise) you will know what I mean!  You want to write you don't want to have to do all the marketing stuff that goes along with publishing but it is important. It s important (I know I have said it a thousand times) to have a business plan for each book along with a marketing plan. Who you need to contact on a monthly basis and what you need to do to make a success of your novels. Remember this as well - you owe it to the hours and hours you have spent working on your manuscript.  Make sure it receives the recognition it deserves.

So what are my plans for The Bittersweet Vine? So far I have done a radio interview - this aired on BBC radio Oxford and I was interviewed on the Kat Orman Show. It was great. Kat really put me at ease and doing the interview was like chatting to a friend over a drink. They concentrated on my upbringing in Goa - so Goa Traffic got a bit more of a plug than The Bittersweet Vine but nevertheless it was some publicity and a bit more experience under my belt!

I have done a blog tour through the month of October . I have really enjoyed doing this but whether or not it has helped sales I cannot say. What I can say is that it will have given my brand more credibility and hopefully reached a larger audience. Remember it is all about repetition of your name. Someone will mention Marissa de Luna and a reader from the blog tour will say oh I know that name- maybe I'll buy her book. Yes it might be in a years time but it is worth it.

This month I will be doing a Good Reads Book Giveaway for The Bittersweet Vine and I will be uploading my press release for the launch party just past on to several sites. Lets hope I get a bite. This doesn't sound like much by the way of marketing and I really need to get my brain in gear to decide what to do next. Hmmm its time I took a look at my marketing plan that I wrote before the the Bittersweet Vine was released. Practice what you preach and all that...

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