Saturday, 16 November 2013

Marketing is a contest for people's attention

Marketing is a contest for people's attention - Seth Godin

So today my attention turns to marketing! Last week I contacted a couple of independent book shops to see if they would be interested in stocking my new novel, The Bittersweet Vine. Today The Book House in Summertown, Oxford has a couple of copies and to me that was a huge bonus. I mean within  a week I got a bite. The Ocelot said they would publish my press release in January and hopefully I have a library talk in the new year. It has all come rather easy to me second time around. I can't help but ask myself is this because 1) I now have a publisher 2) The Bittersweet Vine being my second book gives me more credibility or 3) I have experience and contacts now so I know what to do.

I don't know which is the answer but it is easier. Perhaps it is because in having a publisher you are not burnt out from the stress of self publishing (although having a publisher is not without its stresses) and you can concentrate on marketing.

I have to admit I have been rather lazy on the marketing front. I have started a Good Reads Book Giveaway. See the link on the right (More on this in my next blog post) and I have contacted libraries all around the country. Something I never did with Goa Traffic. I have to say I have had a good response from the libraries in that they are considering my book. (I sent out an advanced information sheet along with a recent press release) but lets see how that goes. It is a different avenue but one which should be explored. After all libraries are great facilities which make books available to everyone.

In addition to the email offensive I am also getting some book marks made up. I found a good website Stress Free Printing which allows you to order in bulk and split the design. So I can have 150 for Goa Traffic and 150 for The Bittersweet Vine. Perfect. I also want to target some women's magazines such as Psychologies. The Bittersweet Vines explores the bond between sisters and betrayal. I have written two articles/press releases accordingly and plan to send them out to relevant e-zines and magazines next week. Lets see if I am still in luck.

In addition to all of this I also uploaded my press release on a couple of free press release websites. Now I don't know how good these are but I tried,, press and I am not sure if I will get any coverage from this but nevertheless its free. It has only cost me my time which is in short supply-but never the less. If you have a press release about your book give it a go! It can't hurt.

I also had a go at creating a sale or return agreement. If you do choose to use this method to get your books into shops. I looked everywhere on line for a template to copy but I couldn't find one anywhere. Anyway I came up with the following. Feel free to use it but it has not been checked by a solicitor or anything like that so it may be flawed! You'll look professional if you do have this when approaching stores. Although I think for a small press author it can be a little over the top!

Sale Or Return Agreement


This agreement is between:

XX (the author). Address

XXX (the customer). Address


The term the number of days the agreement is valid for.

The book /books XXXX by XXXXX (ISBN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

1.0       XX books will be retained with the customer on a sale or return basis for the period of XX days.

1.2      After the term has expired the author will collect any unsold books.

1.3      Unsold books remain the property of the author.

1.4       The value of the books to the author is £xx (each book has a value of £xx).

1.5       The recommended retail price is £x.xx.

1.6       The author expects to receive from the customer £x.xx for each book sold.

1.7       The customer is free to charge what they choose in selling the book.  

1.8       Payment for the books by the customer will be made to the author on the last day of the term.

1.9       Payment to the author must be in the form of cash, cheque or bank transfer in British Pounds. 

1.10       If the books returned to the author are not in a perfect condition the customer is responsible for payment for the full value of the books as stated above.

I/We agree to the above agreement.

…………………………                                            …………………………………..
Author                                                                          Print name and sign on behalf of

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