Tuesday, 18 December 2012

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not writing.

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not writing. Just like life. It’s as simple as that. – Rita Clay Estrada

I have mentioned this website before but it’s so good I thought I would give it another mention. Recently when I researching something or the other – probably what questions to ask a literary agent I found this site again: Writers beware. Well I actually went looking for it because I knew it would be filled with good nuggets of information. I was right it gave me the information I wanted but I also found something else of interest and that was a good article on Copyright. New authors all over the world want to know how to protect their work. I did read one article where it said – agents don’t want your work – why do you think someone would steal it? I have got to admit I feel a little like this but a small part of you doesn’t want to see years of work being stolen and used by someone else. Another article said post it to yourself – does this count? I doubt it.  But What to do when you are sending out your work? I too have foolishly put a copyright mark on unpublished work. The reality of the situation (as I see it) is this:

Basically if you are in a writing group and they have watched your work develop – this is a plus – it’s a group of witnesses.

However, going through anything legal (if you are relatively unknown) – a basement writer – is what I call people like me - it is going to have a mammoth cost- there wont be a question of witnesses. In fact the only time you would need them is if say you were Dan Brown and rolling in the royalties – then someone else claims you stole their work- thats when the witnesses would help. And never say never remember JK Rowling was once just a house wife or something of the sorts.

I know people are confused about the matter but I think this article on writer beware will help clarify your thoughts on the matter.

This will probably be my last post till after Christmas. I really feel I need a time out. I am finishing The Bittersweet (last edit I hope) to send to my agent mid Jan. It’s then going for a proof read/copy edit so it can be sent to publishers at the end of Jan. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have also been trying to understand punctuation in regards to speech marks. I think I need to understand punctuation first. I spent hours last night trying to find out what sentences start with capitals when in speech marks. Google was not helpful – also back to who and whom… I am still struggling with that but I think I am slowly getting there. Hopefully that grammar course will help me next year. So kids the lesson of the day is pay attention in English Grammar- if you still have English Grammar courses.

Of course 2013 will bring many writing opportunities. I am now working on a short stories book for Kindle as well, with Urmi Kenia. To see what we currently do check out my other blog, The Lens and The Quill (see link on the right). I may even put a Chupplejeep short story in there – just to give you a flavour of what is to come…. All the short stories will be set in India – which I guess will tie in nicely with Goa Traffic. Anyway watch this space. I am looking forward to the New Year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year everyone!