Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Don't be dismayed by the opinions of editors...

Don't be dismayed by the opinions of editors, or critics. They are only the traffic cops of the arts.
- Gene Fowler
So today I feel like I am drowning. Now that I have an agent and I want to get The Bittersweet Vine (TBV) submissions out as soon as possible I have to re-visit it. Before I was going to give my brain and poor eyes a rest and start editing  it again in January. So Poor Chupplejeep gets put to the back of the pile again. I have now set myself a deadline of Middle Jan to get TBV beyond perfect. With work being as busy as it is and the fact that I have to go to the gym I am wondering if I get up early to do some editing.

You see the kind of person taht I am makes me want to still work on Chupplejeep because I said I would do that. I also have a ton of books to read- again which I said I would do. trying to fit it all in is becoming impossible.

Okay - rant over. Back to work for me. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.