Tuesday, 16 October 2012

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live...

“If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster.” - Issac Assimov

Where do I begin? Well not much has happened since I last blogged but I have some time to my self for the first time in ages and that feels good. 

I completed the edit of The Bittersweet and H has edited the first three chapters as well. He has a talent for this which is good. At first I was a little worried as The Bittersweet is probably only the 4th book he will have read-but he knows his stuff - punctuation for starters - and how words flow. he can be quite critical as well which is good for someone like me. I am seriously getting him to edit the whole book for Kindle - now there's a discussion. I know many people publish to kindle without having a professional edit it and they do just fine - I mean if your punctuation is pretty good - do you really need an editor? 

I don't think I can answer that but perhaps I need to do a survey monkey test to see who thinks it is important! 

So with completing the edit and getting H and someone else to punctuate the sample chapters I sent them off to 7 more agents!!!! two rejections already in less 24 hours- both with full lists - is that just a standard reject then? 

The search for an agent continues... either that or I need to seriously start thinking about the cover design for The Bittersweet Vine. 

So anyway with some time on my hands I have decided to get some reference books. I have done some extensive research and I am going to buy the following:

Tweet Right  - Nicola Morgan (Already bought!) I loved her how to write a great synopsis book so I'll let you know how many followers I get after reading it. Currently I only have 70! so get following @marissadeluna if you are not already. 

The Penguin guide to punctuation - good reviews on amazon and will compliment the course I am about to start in grammar (November!!!)

The Complete handbook of novel writing - Meg Leder - written by several writers - each taking different chapters - I scoured the web for ages for a book like this and it seemed to fit the bill so watch thsi space

The definitive book of body language - typical I didn't write down by who- but I am pretty sure if you tap it into amazon it comes up- its bluey purple on the cover. Looks great - and you need a book like this if you want full rounded characters. Well that's what I think in any case. 

So I shall be reading whilst H reads through The Bittersweet. I am really happy with it - much happier than I was with Goa Traffic. 

Also I finished reading The Girl with the dragon Tattoo. Its funny now I always Google an author if I like their work or follow them on twitter. Is that because we live in an age of social media? or is it because I am so used to doing stuff like this as a writer. I think its the first. Anyway as most of you will know Steig Larsson is dead - sad - He was clearly an amazing writer. I look forward to reading The Girl Who played with Fire. - although they are long books - Maybe over Christmas. 

Anyway... so watch this space in regards the rejections that will be flowing in. there is that wintery chill in the air and actually I quite like it- nothing nicer than cosying up with a good book/movie on a winters day!