Thursday, 4 October 2012

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer...

“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
― Maya Angelou

So I am nearly there- 4 more chapters to go. The last couple are always the hardest because the revelations and the twist need to be accurately and passionately executed.

I am also loving The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Its such a good book - why did I wait so long to read it. I have also started compiling a list of books that I want to read - like Dorian Grey and The Book Thief, The Help and Keepsake (which is self pubbed), The old man and the sea - Hemmingway and Metamorphosis - Kafka- Its about time I educated myself- do all authors have to be well read? I don't know but surely you should know the classics. I do read a lot- and yes I am not completely unaware of good literature- I have read Shakespeare, Chaucer, some of the Bronte's work - Which reminds me of one of the first books that I read and loved - it was The Bronte's and it told the story of the family. It inspired me as a child - the way they created their own little books that they used to write stories in- maybe then I should have known I wanted to be an author.

I am also contemplating going to a self publishing conference in the new year. Not only will it be educational but I may meet some self pubbers and its all about contacts and networking isn't it?

I also (time permitting) would like to profile my customers. As in who is likely to read my book (who is my audience) - what do they like doing in their spare time? where do they go on holiday? - I think by creating a consumer profile I will be able to know where to advertise my books. Goa Traffic is selling well but it can do better - The KDP newsletter tells me that every month or so. Self Pubbers out there are selling hundreds of books a month. I am going to see where I can get with it. Many people say that if you have more than one book out - you are not just a one hit wonder and you get more sales- We'll see if The Bittersweet goes that way. Anyway watch this space for tips on consumer profiling and advertising your book to the right people. I know I said I would quieten down on Goa Traffic after I sold 1000 copies (only 10 copies to go) but it has spurred me on!

I feel like time is just slipping away at the moment. I am busy compiling a comprehensive list of agents to send The Bittersweet to - hopefully at the end of the month. Chupplejeep is not going anywhere for now.