Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A creative man is motivated by the desire...

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others
Any Rand
If you follow this blog you will know I try and start every new post with a quote- not always relevant but mostly. Today I feel thouroughly de-motivated and even though I wanted an 'editing quote' I thought I would look up motivational quotes instead. This one caught my eye- its not inspirational but it it true - definately about me and I am sure most writers out there. Although I recently read some very informative tweets by Jeremy Dunn on Sock puppeteering - I didnt even know that term existed and about people fabricating accounts to write reviews on book (not so bad)- but slating other peoples books - very bad. Anyway reviews are another thing- I have trouble trying to get friends (who have read my book) to write reviews. But I digress.
So reason for my de-motivation- The Bittersweet - I am still plodding through the chapters- currently on chapter 30 and today is a writing day so maybe I will get to chapter 33. Do I want to do this laborious task? NO - Do I want to get on with Chupplejeep? YES. Do I Have a choice- well I guess I could leave the Bittersweet for a month or two and then go back... no this would never work!!! Ever. I have to complete it by October with the silly deadline I set myself. The good news is that the book is improving vastly- this deep clean edit really works (for those of you who dont know- its editing each chapter almost as if it was a short story - so they are succinct and flow)
In other news... well there is none- I am re-reading my friends manuscript again and I will dust off Grammar for Dummies and thumb through that as well ... oh and I received another rejection for the Bittersweet. I am sending a submission to two small presses today and then I have promised myself thats it till October when I will review my initial submission. I am still wiating for two responses - I hope I get some sort of feedback. The desire to self-publsih is pretty strong especially given the current success of Goa Traffic. But... I will wait for more rejections before I do this again... what shall I say 20?!  And of course the worry here is that there is no USP (unique selling point) GT has Goa but Bittersweet waht could I tag that under?